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Pendrive Recovery

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Flash drives or otherwise popularly called as Pen-drives are very commonly used because of it’s storage capacity and portability. Owing to the small size of the flash drive, it is prone to physical damage along with chances of data corruption.

Some of the most common causes of flash drive failure :


This can occur if the USB connection is broken or bent and in the process has caused damage to the board inside the drive’s case. These Flash drives need to be examined in our Class 100 Cleanroom in order to recover data from them.


Data corruption can be caused by viruses, static electricity (can also cause physical damage), operating system failure, software malfunction, and not safey removing the device from a computer.


Being extremely small and portable, it is not uncommon for Flash drives to suffer from liquid or excessive heat damage, such as being left in an automobile or getting exposed to direct sunlight.

RamInfotech is capable of recovering data from the above mentioned hardware or software failures.